All Washed Up!

I have discovered the trick to getting teenagers to do their own laundry.

When I was doing the majority of sorting, washing, drying and folding, anything that I found that didn't pass muster would find its way to the trash can. That included holey t-shirts, ripped up shorts, questionable unmentionables, anything too small, too tight, or just too "too" - call it "editorial privilege" if you will.

Halfway Between (15 & 20) asked me a while back, "Hey Mom? Have you seen my favorite camo shorts?"

"You mean the ones with the big holes in them? I threw those out!"

"But I sewed them up!"

"I'm not having you running around in 'Frankenpants,' it makes you look like nobody loves you. . ."

Since then, he's been vigilant about washing his own things. He still makes it out the door in his Mt. Dew Peek-a-boo T on occasion, but at least I don't have to see it up close!

Have fun!

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