New World Mom

I'm a rebel and a runner. . .okay, well, more of a griper and a jogger. . .but hey, there's no Rush!

I dropped off 7th Heaven at the door of her second grade class and then went for my little bop and stop through the neighborhood. I was thinking that I should have gotten Halfway Between (10 & 20) up before I left - he's supposed to begin his first week of virtual school this week and he really needs to get on track.

I arrived home and checked my watch. "I'll let him have fifteen more minutes," I thought to myself. "I'll go ahead and get a quick blog in before he takes over the computer."

I grabbed a glass of ice water, threw a leg over the chair and hit "Enter." The screen flashed to life, displaying this message:

Mom, I went to WH - my favorite place to eat !

I'm not sure whether I was more surprised at the method he'd used to make sure I got the note, that my kitchen was not his favorite place to eat, or that he was up and awake of his own accord! It's a brave new world. . .

Have fun!

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MOMSWEB said...

He just proved it again - We do what we WANT to do.