Wake Me Up!

"Wake me up, before you go-go!" - Wham

Okay, I'm no George Michael. . .or that other guy from Wham, either. Much to the delight of my children, it doesn't stop me from singing, though!!

We're heading to Atlanta Motor Speedway for the big race this weekend. 3/5 of the kids will be with us (see, I'm remembering to count her Fiancee-ness!) The "adult" children have school and work obligations, but the ones too small to run away are trapped in a travel-trailer for three nights.

We had such a great time on our last adventure to Daytona, I'm hoping that this will measure up. Halfway Between (10 & 20) has already baited his fishing pole with the dollar (he calls it "Fishing for Rednecks.) The Edge (of 17) has gathered all of her "88" National Guard t-shirts. And 7th Heaven purchased a pink hat with #9 on it. . .and can tell you who number nine is!

I'm wondering what celebrity we'll be able to stalk this go-around. Since we're camping outside of the track this time, I don't envision another McDreamy sighting. . .but you neva know!

I was up at four this morning, going over my "packed items" in my mind again. Don't want to forget anything important, like a kid or something. I really wish that Black Jack (21) was coming with us - that's the weirdest thing about daily life and even after all this time, I still feel "askew" without them having all within slapping distance.

I reckon I need to peel myself away from the computer and start final preparations. I've been doing housework all week with the hopes that we could come home to "clean" this time. I've gone over the list twelve times, the laundry is caught-up, the sunscreen, beans and kosher hot dogs are stowed safely in the camper. . .

Now I have to go wake up the kids before we go-go. Y'all stand back, you don't want to miss it when I hit that high (note!)

Have fun!

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