Cut it Out!

"You walked into the party
Like you were walking onto a yacht -
Your hair strategically dipped below one eye,
Your scarf it was apricot. . ." - Carly Simon

Few things inspire pride in Fourteen like his hair.

His auburn locks cascade gracefully beyond his ears, over the top of his collar, where they end in a stunning flip. I can't decide if he looks like a supermodel or a character from a "Dickens" novel. "Alms for the poor, sir?"

Few things insprire the rest of the family to ridicule Fourteen like his hair.

Double Decades has been sporting his ROTC fade for six years now, never letting his crowning glory grow beyond a quarter inch. Fifteen for a Moment, her brain having been similarly washed in the military fashion, believes that running her fingers through a boy's hair should be no more than a short jog.

And what the heck happened to that guy I married? Twenty plus years ago, he was all I knew of the "Big Bang" theory! "A Flock of Seagulls" had nothing on his blow-dried, moussed do . . .now, if his scalp doesn't show, it's gotta go!

My husband tells a story about finding his detatched ponytail on the pillow one morning many years ago. As time has gone by, the perspective has changed: first told by a teenager and later by a father of teens, his own father's role in the story has gone from that of villian to hero.

I guess I am the odd one in the bunch. . .I figure it's his hair, he should wear it the way he wants (within reason, of course.) When they all start in on him, I tell them to cut it out.

"But Honey," Your Daddy Don't Rock and Roll pleads with me, "he looks like nobody loves him. He needs to do something with that hair. . ." So, being the "great compromiser" that I am, I took him to see my stylist, The Magic Man.

(I should add that my husband thinks the Magic Man is a "hair-genius" and has a great deal of respect for his work, but refuses to pay more than ten bucks for a cut or he'd use him too!)

The Magic Man did his thing, first listening to what we wanted, then achieving a balance between the long flowing mane and making my son look like the child of someone who cares. He even left the "flip" just beyond Fourteen's right eye.

I know there are more important things in the world - believe me, I am thankful that my child's worries are as minor as they are. Still, I'm glad I stood my ground on his behalf.

After all, you know what they say about kids - hair today, gone tomorrow.

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