I Love You All the Ritz

"Dressed up like a million dollar trouper -
Trying hard to look like Gary Cooper (super duper!)

. . .Puttin' on the Ritz." - Taco

When Double Decades was a baby, my husband would tell him, "I love you all there is!"

Then my little man would respond, "Daddy, I love YOU all the ritz!"

I frequently remind them of the sloppy affection that existed between them before they started locking horns. I guess it's a man-thing. . .I just hope all the boys return from their upcoming "guy's weekend." Turkey season or something - the laundry was full of camo this morning. Maybe they need some time in the woods to sort it out.

I get so used to seeing my kids in their "natural state" that I am taken aback when they put on their "Ritz." We had an important function to attend last night which required belts and pressed dress shirts and clean fingernails and all my teens, past and present, rose to the occasion. There was nary an AC/DC t-shirt nor a flip-flop in sight!

Of course I did not take a picture as we were in a frenzied rush.

For as much as I complain about their shortcomings, I feel as though I should take pause to celebrate their triumphs.

You guys are wonderful and I am so proud of you.

(Okay. . .now clean your rooms before you leave. . .)

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