Turn Me Loose

"Turn me loose, turn me loose.
I've gotta do it my way. . .
Or no way at all!" - Loverboy

We've had a house-full all day!

A smashing princess party for Sweet Six, young teenage boys selflessly offering to serve "clean-up" on the food, a visit from Double Decades' friend "Moochie" before he heads off to the Marine Corps tomorrow, and some older teen girls in the mix for kicks. . .

As Double Decades was leaving with one of the girls, I asked the young lady if her parents minded her riding on the back of his motorcycle. After all, I don't let MY kids ride there. Heck, even HE's not "allowed" to ride that motorcycle! (Adulthood totally wrecks my parental control!)

"No, they don't care about me. . ." she replied.

"Well," I started, knowing perspective is all a matter of, well, perspective, "maybe they just feel like you're mature and responsible enough to make good choices."

They left for points unknown and I called the rest of the gang to the table.

"S'EAT!" The McKnight equivalent of the dinner bell.

Fourteen stopped us before we got to the "Amen" to ask us to say a prayer for a freind of his who'd been hit by a car.

"Was it the boy who was hit last night at 9th and Creighton. . .at 9:30 in the rain??" my husband asked. "What was he doing out that late at night?"

"Probably." Fourteen replied, "His parents just let him go wherever he wants to go. A lot of my friends are like that. You know R-? His mom lets him stay out all night and just says 'hey' when he walks in the next morning. . .no big deal."

Mr. McKnight and I exchanged a glance. He's only fourteen!

"Yeah," Fifteen joined in. "My friends get to do what they want. Their parents TRUST them. They're not strict like y'all." Everyone Else's Parents strike again!

"Well, dear, you got to ride around in a car today with your friends, go to Wal Mart and Taco Bell - we didn't ask for your itinerary or call you a hundred times. . .baby steps, okay?"

Later, my husband and I marveled at the way our kids view us. Sure, it would be a lot easier to just turn them loose and hope for the best! But that makes as much sense to me as not paying my power bill and assuming that the lights won't go out. I'm hoping the severe pain they provide in my posterior region will pay off...they need to live long enough to have kids of their own!

Yes, someday, I'll turn them loose - but I'm going to do it my way.

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