Hit the Road

"Well, it's allright
Yeah, I'll be fine.
Don't worry about this heart of mine. . .
Take your love and hit the road." - Wreckers

I don't care much for long goodbyes. I'd braced myself for the departure of Double Decades this Sunday, but it looks like he's here for another week or so until they get paperwork issues straight.

While I still hate to see him go. . .I think he is ready. And maybe I am ready, too.

I don't like my home being his 3 a.m. crash pad, if you know what I mean. It's weird when they move out then move back in (Uh, yeah, this is where I inject another one of those belated "sorry" messages to my parents - love y'all!!!)

Yep, we'll all be fine. . . and maybe I can get some sleep!

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