Suspension of Disbelief!

"Tell the truth
Tell the truth
Well, you know what you done to me. . ." - Ray Charles

The dean and assistant principal are upholding the teacher's punishment for being "disrespectful" - a three day suspension.

I have reason to believe that something is amiss - something just doesn't sit right with me about the whole situation.

I visited with the assistant principal yesterday, and he has agreed to let me speak with the teacher before he imposes sentence.

Fifteen for a Moment is not generally characterized as being disrespectful - by anyone! And she maintains that she did not do anything to warrant such harsh consequences. The teacher says she falls asleep in class and doesn't do her work, but she has all her notes and good grades - even a comment on her last report card about her good study habits!

So, here I go, witholding final judgement until I get the whole story. It is not that I feel that my children are infallable, but this one is generally prone to saying, "Yeah, I did it" and taking her lumps. This time, that is not the case.

How far will I go with this? Well, three days suspension can foul up her grades and goes on her permanent record - it's not just about hanging out and baking cookies! So I guess I'll go as far as I need to.

And, there's always the chance that the teacher will produce some sort of irrefutable proof. . .in which case, I'll quietly say, "Oh. Okay. Well, then, keep up the good work!" (Thanks to my girlfriend for helping me prepare ahead with my "out.")

Have fun!

****Update - well, after speaking with the teacher, I understand the situation a little better. I am still left with many questions and still feel the punishment to be excessive. . .but my daughter was not completely disassociated from some other students who were disrespectful and therefore it is hard to argue with the "guilt by association" that was being maintained.

It sure would be nice if things were cut and dried - if she'd danced naked on the desktop or something, I could understand.

Just add it to the list of things that stink some days about being a parent. . .

Ugh. . .

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