My Endless Love

"And I (IIIIIIII), I want to share
All my loooove with you. . .
No one else will do. . . " - Lionel and Diana

There are a lot of people I love. I love the people who read this blog. After all, I am writing to you every day!

Some of the people I love drive me nuts.. I think I'll borrow something I found on the counter from Double Decades (speaking of a few right here). . .his five year-old sister loves to write love notes. She carefully spaced her words and wrote, "I love you becus you are my bst brother in the hole wide world!"

His penned response, "I love you because you are my sister and its kind of required."

I feel that way about some of the people I love some days, but I still love them.

Some of the people I love haven't heard from me in a while. Beginning around Thanksgiving, I always say, "This will be the year that the Christmas cards go out!!!" By Valentine's Day, I'm thinking about the plausibility of an Easter Card. . .then summer comes and goes and we're back to Thanksgiving again! My step-Mom ALWAYS sends a card for everything. . .I love her.

Some of the people I love don't even know that I love them. I have pictures stored precariously on my computer of neices and nephews and numerically removed cousins scattered here and there. . .if I am lucky we see them a few times a year. Some I haven't seen in years, some I may never see. But I love them all.

We hand-made Valentines for the kindergarten class, baked some heart-shaped cupcakes that look more like butts (I know. . .) and the kids and the husband will all get a little something. Besides, I show them I love them every day by doing everything for them and then thinking to myself that they never do anything for themselves. :)

And there are so many people in the world who I love who may not hear it from me as often as I think it.

And to those people, HEY! I love you!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


MOMSWEB, Inc. said...

I love the way you allow God to use you - you have no idea and I believe this is the way He wants it to be. I love you!

Lara said...

You are so sweet. . .this was such a nice thing to hear this morning!

Believe it or not, there are people in my house right now who are not as fond of me! Feet on the floor, guys, let's move!!!