And exhale. . .

Hot on the heels of a crazy Valentine's Day comes Fried-day. . .I've made my list, and checked it twice. Time to get out the door even though a nap would be nice. (But it's only 8:30. . .miles to go and all!!) I know there's another 8:30(PM!) looming in the distance, and by that time I won't even have any idea where that list is.

Sometimes, I put things on the list that I've already done, just so I can feel good about crossing something off. Sure, I'm goofy. . .but I'm running on giggles!

As an added bonus, I can't get my teens out of the bed. Perhaps a little inspirational singing will help. . .

"OH! What a beautiful MORNIN'!
OH! What a beautiful DAY!
Get your sad butt out of your bed
Or, you'll be sorry today!"

Snicker if you must, oh sleepy teenagers. But there will come a moment when you realize that you are becoming your mother. It happens to me with increasing frequency. . .

Write blog. . .check!
Instill fear in my children. . .check!

Oooh, a two-fer! Now, I have to go call my mom.

Have fun!!

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