Ready, Set, Don't GO!!!!

"I'm at the startin' line of the rest of my life,
As ready as I've ever been. . .

Baby, get ready, get set. . .don't go!" - Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus

Oh my gosh!

I am so hormonal today and I have heard that song on the radio five times and every time I hear it I cry. . .that's me, doing my Hannah Montana Blatherama. . .waaaaaaah!

Double Decades, College Student, Firefighter, Son, Baby. . .he's leaving for the Air Force Reserve at the end of this month. He's been so anxious and I've held on as long as I could - now it's really almost time for him to go.

I am excited for him and heartbroken for me. As much as he has driven me NUTS over the last few years, you'd think I'd leave my flip-flop print on his backside. But all I want to do is holler, "Wait!!!!!"

I'm secretly hoping that something else comes up, as it has in the past, to change his mind. But I guess what will be will be. Case of rum, case of rum.

In the meantime, I will have to stop listening to country music.

Does anyone have a tissue??

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Teresa Zwierzchowski said...

Yeah it gets me every time, too... Who knew the man with the ultimate mullet would one day bring you to tears with song and not from laughing at his AWESOME 80s hair and achy breaky heart...