My Gump, My Gump, My Gump

"Run, Forest. Run!" - Jenny, "Forest Gump"

Fifteen for a Moment has been pulling the 8-2 carts for several days. My suggestion that she just run to work was met with the dead stare.

"It's only two miles, honey. You're on the weight-lifting team. . .it will be good for you!"

"MOOOOOM, you can't be serious."

Oh, that's the weight LIFTING team, not the weight MOVING team.

Remember the last scene in Forest Gump? Tom Hanks puts his son on the bus then sits on a stump to await his return. My kids believe that I must be either driving them or waiting to drive them.

Yesterday, I picked the mad bagger up at two. I was thinking about how fun it was going to be for us to cook dinner together when she asked, "Can you take me to Lu-lu's house?"

I sniffed my pits in search of the offense! "Fer cryin' out loud! I just picked you up!"

She let me off the hook, "No offense, Mom. I just wanted to hang out with my friend for a while. And please stop sniffing, you're embarassing me!"

What kind of fifteen year old girl would rather hang out with her friends than prepare a nutritious meal for her family with her Mommy at her side?? Tell me, will you, because I just do not know.

I have begun 2008 the way I finished 2007, conveying kids to and from their appointed destinations, trying to maintain my low profile lest they begin to see me as anything more than a Gump on a log.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Have Fun!

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