"I was dreamin' when I wrote this,
Forgive me if it goes astray. . ." - Prince

Uhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnn. Is there any more depressing time of year than the post-holiday doldrums?

Do you think anyone would notice if I just stayed in bed with my head under the covers?

Oh, no, not me. . . the kids have practices and parties and an irritating habit of wanting to eat, so I guess I have to keep going.

I get these far-down funky blues every now and then - often enough to recognize them when they come. That makes it a little easier to navigate. And the world doesn't stop just because I would like for it to do so - bah!

Soon I will be my old perky self (although I am NOT old!) Being depressed is not a crime. . .it's only when you let it control you that you start to lose. I think I'll just dance it off. . .

Wow, I feel better already. . .Everybody say "Paaar-tay!"

Have fun!

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