"Gone like a freight train.
Gone like yesterday. . .

Like all the good things that ain't never comin' back,
She's gone!" - Montgomery Gentry

If you blink, you'll miss it - the moment where everything changes.

One minute, you're fussing at her for being on the phone too much or watching "The Cheetah Girls" for the fifteenth time, the next - hey, didn't we have a teenage girl around here somewhere?

First, it was school. And the friends. Then came the activities. Then the job. And more activities. And then the boyfriend.

Now, the only indication she was ever here is the empty lavender bedroom and the pile of dirty clothing next to her computer desk.

If I didn't have to drive her to school and work, I would never see her! Dang, she's fairly well-behaved, too, so I can't even ground her.

Oh, well, it was nice while it lasted. . .


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