Shooting From the Hypocrisy

"Good God, you’re comin’ up with reasons.
Good God, you’re draggin’ it out.
Good God, it’s the changin’ of the seasons.
I feel so raped man,
Follow me down. . .

And just fake it, if you’re out of direction.
Fake it, if you don’t belong here.
Fake it, if you feel like infection.
Whoa, you’re such a (Bleepin') hypocrite!" - Seether

Public figures have tough time saying 'I'm sorry'


The above link is to Troy Moon's spin on the latest in a string of public officials gone wild. . .or rather, Mr. Moon's spin on the spin.

It bothers me that anyone drives drunk. . .especially knowing that my Teens are out driving amongst the impaired. And it bothers me that the Superintendent was caught DUI. But it's not a surprise - someone commented in the PNJ forums that people who drink could wind up behind the wheel deciding they are "okay" to drive. Hey, it happens.

I don't envision Jim Paul as being some sort of irresponsible letch, he made a mistake and was lucky it turned out as well as it did. One mistake, where no harm was done, shouldn't cause irreparable damage to your life, should it? Give a guy a break, right? But I think Mr. Paul wants something he's not willing to give of himself.

I've watched my own kids suffer what I thought were stupid consequences under the auspices of ZERO TOLERANCE. I find it hard to reconcile Mr. Paul asking for mercy in the public's judgement. I think it strenghtens the drive of those who are on a witch hunt, calling for a boot in the seat for the hard-nosed buck-stopper, that his own Zero Tolerance stance has also employed Zero Common Sense.

I don't know that the guy should resign or be terminated, but I do believe he should recognize that the black and white world he lives in would have him on the losing end in this scenario. Maybe this will lead to some changes in the way our schools dole out their brand of justice. In the end, I hope Mr. Paul realizes that it is better to be known as a sinner than a hypocrite.


MOMSWEB, Inc. said...

Hmmm...lead by example? This is a wonderful statement to share when everything is alright and things are going well, yet as soon as a leader slips up, are they still responsible for being an example? Of course! Do as I DO, not as I SAY. It would be nice if everyone lived by this.

dvance said...

Well everyone is human and we all do make mistakes. What I find irrational is that he is expecting forgiveness and forgetfulness when his own policies state otherwise. I find it even harder to believe that we, as parents, and a community are supposed to forgive and forget so easily when he comes up with some lame excuses and made up stories trying to better himself in the public eye. Now, Mr. Paul, your not only "not" setting an example for your student body, you are saying lying is okay.

Lara said...

So, do we call for his resignation? Write to our school board member? The Gov.?

Or do we just sit shaking our heads and save our anger for the next time we're up against the ZERO?

I don't believe that "leading by example" means that you have to uphold perfection.

But, it does bring to mind glass houses and stones, doesn't it?