An Evening At the Improv

"Indubitably. Indubitably. Dub. Dub. Weeeeeeowwwwwww. Indubitably."

I looked at my passenger out of the corner of my eye.

"Bubbles, bubbles. Indubitable bubbles. Yes, hmmmmm. . .I say, old chap! Kewl. Kewl. Kewl."

"You know, son, I don't know whether to feel flattered that you are comfortable enough to do that around me. . .or frightened."

He grinned. "You should probably be both, Mom. I am just warming up my mouth."

Tryouts for the Lab Rats, Pensacola Little Theater's Junior Improv Troupe, are in full-swing. My son, who claims that acting is his life, is hoping that he is chosen.

While he made the troupe in their first season, he didn't make the cut for the Fall. He was a little disappointed, but he shrugged it off and set his focus on trying again.

He has a good grasp of "win some, lose some." Maybe its a third-kid-in-the-birth-order thing. He's just learned to roll with the punches. Still, I really hope he makes it this time.

Regardless, he's already a Star in my book. Indubitably.


MOMSWEB, Inc. said...

Oh my goodness, I can only imagine how you feel being his Mother and knowing how he feels about acting and the whole 'trying out' process. It's great that he is so sure of what he wants to do in life. His attitude about win some/lose some is AWESOME! Definitely the attitude you must have for an acting career. Gosh Lara, I hope he makes it also!! Should I start biting my nails? (smile).

Lara said...

Save your nails, Woman!

We'll know in a few days, I'll keep y'all posted.

If nothing else, he can just live with me forever. Hey, he's always good for a laugh!!