There But for a Few Million Bucks Go I. . .

"No one is to blame. . ." - Howard Jones

Jamie Lynn Spears is PREGNANT! (She is the 16-year-old sister to the troubled Brittany Spears.)

The headlines are screaming at us this morning.

"And. . ?" I asked myself.

One mom posted the comment: "Their mother must be so proud." Obviously, her children are not teenagers, yet.

Years ago, I learned an important lesson on the McDonald's playground.

A small voice hollered from the ball pit, "Stop it, ash-shole!" I leaped to my feet thinking, "What KIND of mother lets her child talk that way? Not in front of MY son!" I stuck my head into the pit, "Come here, sweetie, it's time to go."

My darling toddler turned around and in the same small voice I'd heard earlier said, "Bye, ash-sole!"

Oh. That's what Kind of mother.

Just remember, the mothers you look down on today may be the ones you turn to for support when your own little darling has an "oops." Kids are going to make mistakes. We parents, despite our best efforts, can not always prevent them.

What we CAN do is to be there, to offer advice and support, but to allow them to learn to deal with the consequences. Easier said than done, of course, but in the meantime. . . lighten up on the mistakes that other peoples' kids are making now. . .perhaps they can serve as a good teaching opportunity!

Have fun!

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