Meat-ing of the Minds

And since blogging is an artistic form of procrastination, and I am most definitely a "PRO" crastinator, we'll throw in a bonus today. . .

"Why didn't someone eat this ham?" I asked.

"Weeeeeeell. . ." Thirteen began, sounding like the actor, Frank Nelson ("I Love Lucy" or "Sanford & Son" - the guy who goes, "Yeeeeeeeeeeeees?")

"If I HAAAAAD eaten all the ham, then yooooou or Daaaaaaad would come in and be all, like, 'OOOHHHHHH! I was going to have some HAAAAAAM! But SOOOOOOOOOMEBODY ate it all!' and then I'd be all, like, 'But MOOOOOOOOM (or DAAAAD), if I don't eat it then you'll come in and be all, like, "Why didn't soooooooomebody eat the haaaaaaaam?" ' "

I just looked at him.

"It's really quite the conundrum, Mother. . . "


Have fun.

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