Come back with us to a simpler time, when life was good and lovin' was easy. Join this irritating blog-o-mercial with Lara as she re-visits those blasts from the past.

Who can forget that stirring tune by Debbie Boone????

So many days
I sit in my bedroom
Thinking your deer head
Might look good with lights. . .

And you. . .light up my rack. . .

Yes, you'll love the way Lara addresses a variety of genres in her own unique style - remember the musical about the little red-haired orphan girl who offered to do the PTA newsletter???

The news won't come out - Tomorrow!
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
It won't be done. . .

Why did I sign up - Last August?
I should have said "Not no, but HELL NO!"
I'm so dumb!

But wait! That's not all! If you order in the next five seconds, you'll also get Lara's Holiday collection. . .

"Do you hear bells
"I hear the bell.
It's saying something."

"It. . .says. . .I've left the lights on.
It. . .says. . .keys in the ignition.
I am so glad to have a car!"
"You cannot drive yet, but six months isn't far."

"Did Grand. . .pa. . .really sign the title
As Grand. . .ma's. . .car sat and idled?
Waiting to take him to
The emergency room??

Ah, yes, there's no heartbreak greater than your teenager getting her first car. . . and yes, he really DID sign over the title before he left to go to the hospital.

You'll get all the favorites, including this timeless classic. . .

Silent night.
Holy night.
What's that noise?
Stupid phone. . .

uh-hem. . .

Silent night.
Ho-o - oh, what is it now?
I'm just trying to type my blog.
Okay! What is so important?
Oh. . .
Um, excuse me -

Gosh, it's been at least three years since I last picked up the phone and heard those words of doom. . ."Lara, it's Cyd. . ." The elementary school nurse. But now, the baby is in the bed, bucket at her side, Little Bear on the tube - our first sick day!

It makes me want to sing. . .

When your tummy's feelin' bad
You must sip it!
Don't believe me. Ask your dad -
You must sip it!

Sip that Sprite!
It'll make you feel alright. . .
Lie down in the bed.
Let me feel your head.

Now, sip it. . .Sip it! Good!

And, of course, the homeschooler's anthem:

I'm poetry in motion
When I come slinking in
I'll study about the oceans
And all of the stuff in them

She's blinding me with science
(She blinded me with Science!)
And then there's US History. . .

We now resume our regularly scheduled Virtual School. Thanks for watching Lara's Funky Favorites. Look for the boxed-set coming to a blog near you. . .

Have fun!

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