I Have a Lot

"They paved paradise and put up a parking lot. . ." - Joni Mitchell (or Counting Crows for the younger set)

A birthday party goodie-bag staple is the sliding plastic puzzle, where you move one piece and slide another down. It lost its magic once I discovered you could just pop out the pieces and re-assemble them.

The purpose of this game is to train us for having teenage drivers in the house.

As much as I hate (hate hate hate hate!) Hey Nineteen's motorcycle, at least it doesn't block the driveway while he is here. Now that we've added a vehicle for Fifteen for a Moment, it should heretofore take a fair amount of negotiation to exit the thirty foot expanse of driveway.

And to think, I used to joke that we had the Redneck Yard of the Week. . .now I believe we're actually a front-runner for the title. I don't need a bigger house, just a bigger driveway. Hmmmmm. . . pop-up camper, boat, truck, mombus, girlcar and utility trailer. . .come see our HUGE selection! I want to sell YOU a car!

Have fun!

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