"I'm easy like Sunday morning." - Lionel Richie

I'm taking a little break from cleaning up after the celebration we've dubbed "Green Bean Casserole-Fest." One thing I've learned in my old-age is this: If the remnants of the Great-Glut are not gone by Saturday night, fugheddaboutit.

I'll keep the sandwich fixins for lunch after our full-tree smackdown today.

Several years ago, my Grandfather gave us a certificate he'd won in a golf tournament for a free tree at Whispering Pines off of Penton Road in Allentown. Since our first trip there, it's been a yearly tradition. We've had post-Ivan trees for a few years now. Our tree is neither large nor perfectly-formed, but it is perfect. It was a beautiful drive and a great experience (and our tree was only twenty-five dollars!)

I have to get back to life. . .another thing I've learned in my old age is that, when your kid asks you to read them a book, you stop, drop and snuggle up for five minutes - because you don't get that back.

Gobble it up!

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