"The fundamental things apply,
As time goes by. . ." - Sam

Apparently, I owe 90K people an apology.

According to my brother, I was the reason the Tigers lost.

It was a great game, though. And as much as I didn't really have the time and felt guilty about abandoning my Momly duties, I was so glad that I went (and nothing fell apart in my absence. . .that I know of. . .yet.)

On the way to the game, we called my grandparents. "Look for the mouse in the bathroom at the Exxon." Oh, the things that follow us from our childhood. . .and yet, I couldn't help feeling like a little kid as I walked into the stadium with my Daddy and my brother. It was almost overwhelming.

Eventually, the nostalgia came to a halt. Somewhere around the third quarter, I received this text from Fifteen for a Moment: "I found my shoe!"

I'd spent a little extra on a really nice pair of basic black heels that she could wear with her formal dresses, but we'd lost one of them three dances ago. "Cool. Love you!" Now leave me alone, I'm watching the game! See, even four hours away, you NEVER stop being a mom.

And on the walk back, a text from my husband: "The baby says she hates Arkansas but loves you!" I'll bet she really said that, too. I'll have to explain that Arkansas is usually okay. . .

For almost forty years (I should not use such expressions!), we've attended the "after-party" at Uncle Frank's. My Aunt showed me pictures of itty bitty Hey Nineteen and my younger sisters, who now have kids of their own, the Ghosts of Football Seasons Past. It made me realize why taking the time to continue family traditions is so important. . .not so long ago, I was an itty bitty tiger fan.

Yep, I may be eternally banned from Death Valley (well, more likely a year or two, anyway.) It is a small price to pay for the invaluable reminder to seize those fundamental moments as time goes by.

Have fun!

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MOMSWEB, Inc. said...

Glad you had a great time and you're right...we NEVER stop being a mother!