When Somebody Loved Me

"when somebody loved me
everything was beautiful
every hour we spent together
lives within my heart

and when she was sad
i was there to dry her tears
and when she was happy so was i
when she loved me

through the summer and the fall
we had each other that was all
just she and i together like it was ment to be

and when she was lonley
i was there to comfort her
and i knew that she loved me

so the years went
by i stayed the same
but she began to drift away
i was left alone
but still i waited for the day
when she'd say i will always love you" - From Toy Story II, performed by Sarah McLachlan

Here's a tissue. Dang Disney Songs!

I stood on the front porch and sang that to Fifteen For a Moment as she rode away to the Waffle House with her friend.

A "late start day" seemed like an opportunity to spend the morning catching up, but she had other plans.

And they didn't include me.


If you're currently attached to a velcro child and wondering if you will ever have a moment alone again. . .you will. And it won't be what you thought it would. Enjoy being smothered as this, too, shall pass.

I'm going to go to the mall. Alone. I feel better already. . .

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