Ode to Thumper

The mood was mellow, the light was yellow.
I stopped. Behind appeared this fellow. . .

My sternum rattled, my nerves skedaddled.
Who IS that? I begged my daughter to tattle.

My windows thumped, my booty jumped,
Where'd it come from? I was stumped.

Miss Fifteen frowned when I rolled the window down
"Hey dude! Is that you making that sound?"

I waved to space, with a smile on my face
"Can you please turn down the bass?"

My expression did linger when the offending singer
Turned it down and didn't give me a finger.

I felt sunny, my daughter said, "Not funny!"
But he was drowning out my Matchbox 20!

Thus ended the scene, the light turned green
And I gave some gas to my Mom-machine. . .

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