Get A Room!

"I like my women just a little on the trashy side!" - Confederate Railroad

"Ugh, get a room!"

As we approached the school this morning, the couple stood motionless, in the throes of full-embrace.

"Awwwwww, Mom, that's (so-and-so) and (doo-flocky)! They're so cute."

"Cute? There is no dignity there."

"There is no dignity in high school. It just means they're together."

Well, it WAS a little chilly this morning. . . maybe they were flash-frozen in a strong gust. There was nothing overtly sexual about the embrace, really, it reminded me more of the Mary Tyler Moore hug. If they moved, it would be in unison. Actually, they looked a little silly.

But I must not have these harsh thoughts, for I was once fifteen (fairly recently) and remember when I got that lovin' feelin'- how embarrassing! Not that I shared this with my own fifteen year old. She needs to believe that in our day we had to walk five miles through the snow to get a hug! Still, I figured I'd lend a little honesty to my rebuke. . .

"Just remember what PDA's lead to. . ." She snapped her head and looked me right in the eye. "Yes, dear, how do you think YOU got here?"

"Okay, Mom, now THAT's GROSS!"


Have fun!

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