Till I Reach My Highest Ground

Go for a ride with me, I have to run an errand downtown. . .hold on to your hair, we'll take the 110 Speedway. Whooooosh!

Let's take a different route home. You wanna ride down by the water? The temp is perfect, 65 according to the rearview mirror, let's roll the windows down.

Oooh, chilly! We can turn the heat on low, down at our feet. Like my mom used to do in that pearly green cutlass convertible she had when we were little. The one with the white leather interior. Funny, she didn't keep that very long. . .hey, that reminds me of a Stevie Wonder song for some reason. . ."Took me riding in your rocket, gave me a star. But at a half a mile from heaven you dropped me back down to this cold, cold world." Where's that CD??

"Boogie on reggae woman. . ." we'll roll down Spring Street. Through downtown, past Seville Square. I'm gonna turn it up a little for the harmonica solo, so smooth. . . just like the water. It doesn't even look real this morning - like blue foil with diamonds on it!

Here's our left turn, can't mistake the opening riff. . ."Very Superstitious, writng's on the wall. . ." Speaking of, there's Graffitti Bridge. Some day, I am going to paint "MC KNIGHTS RULE!" across it in big green letters. Just for kicks.

Up the hill, and back to the right, we've reached our highest ground. Across the Bayou and through "Downtown" East Hill. Ummmmm, the smells of the kitchens - Jerry's, Georgio's, Skopelo's - who knows, but that there's gonna be some good eatin'! "Believers keep on believin'. Sleepers just stop sleepin' cause it won't be too long. . ."

Ahhh, I love Scenic Highway. "You are the sunshine of my life. . ." The golden strobe follows us just ahead. The crisp brightness of an October morning glimmers through the trees and makes the dull asphalt sparkle. . ."and I know that this must be heaven. . ." Nice.

We're almost home, just here through the flat swamp, another left and up the hill. My favorite place in the whole world, my home. It's not fancy, by any means, but it is the result of a lot of hard work and a lot of love. The end of the ride, the end of the song, "In my mind we can conquer the world in love, you and I, you and I, you and I. . ." Excuse the mush. . .but they all said it wouldn't last.

Ah, what a nice way to start the day.

Life is all a matter of perspective. To think, our ride was almost just another errand. . .thanks Stevie, I can always count on you!!!

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