Get Together

"One Love, One Heart!
Let's get together and feel all right. . ." - Bob Marley

I love the way my family works together. You guys rock!

My fifteen year old apparently thinks this combined effort extends to clothing, too, and has taken off with my new "really sexy" sweatshirt. (Actually, it's just a sweatshirt, but since I got it at Victoria's Secret, that makes it "really sexy.")

I've come home from work to done dishes, folded laundry, hugs, kisses and accolades. "Thanks for working so hard for us!" they say.

Dang! I was planning to use my "Fair Money" to run off or get something lifted. Now I have to use it "for us!" Ah, well. . . I guess "us" has eaaaaaaahned it! And that makes me feel all right.

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