"Weekend! Do just what you wanna do!" - Wet Willie

"Sunday was a day of rest
Now it's one more day for progress. . . " - Rascall Flatts

T Minus eight hours and counting down to five-oh-clock.

I remember a time when that thought brought visions of drinking and dancing and gettin' down with my bad self. . . which lead to children. . . which promplty ended the Party Mentality.

Now Friday night means getting those who gotta get to where they gotta get and then getting them back. I used to get ready and leave the house at ten p.m., now I just hope that I am back home and in bed by then.

Saturdays are filled with kids activities. . .Sundays are, too. I can look forward to sleeping in on Sunday, but my body clock is usually most uncooperative.

My weak-ends are no longer a respite from the week, but just two more days that don't seem long enough. I wonder if "Wet Willie" has a song for that. . .

"WeAkend! Drive your kids all over the place.
WeAkend! Wipe the fast food from your face.
WeAkend! WeAkend! WeAkend!"

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