Pick up the Phone!

I don't have a song for this! But I'll find one, eventually.

My Dad (technically my stepdad, but assuredly my Dad) is in the ICU and that sucks.

Thankfully, I was able to drop everything, catch a plane (through Charlotte, NC - doofy!) to Houston and be here.

Thankfully. . .I have much to be thankful for this morning. Foremost, a family that can survive without me (although my five year old expressed some concern as to who'd pop her tarts.) When I called last night, they were cleaning house and taking names. You guys rock!

MY Pcolamoms (oh, there's a song, "You belong to me. . . ") have offered their prayers - wow, I have "family" everywhere!!!

During the long flight, I had time to think about what I'd say to him. He knows I love him, he knows that I'll always "take care" of Mom, he knows that we'll go on. Even if he'd not survived this heart attack, I'd have had nothing unsaid between us - and that gave me great comfort.

When I saw him in the bed, all connected and fatigued, I gave him a huge grin and said, "I'd give you MY heart, but you already have it."

And he said, "I know."

And there you go. Don't leave things unsaid, you never know when not having to say them will come in handy.

Have fun - and call someone and tell them you love them, for me. . . yep, I knew I'd wind up singing, "I just called to say 'I love you. . ." Sure, I've used that one before, but it's good enough to use again!

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