Hankering for my Home Port

And now, for your listening pleasure, live from the Ballroom of the Tomball Regional Memorial Hospital we bring you the stylings of the lovely Lara. . .

Thank you, thank you. . .you're too kind. . . and don't forget to be so kind to your bartenders and waitresses, thank you. . . hey. . .how are you? Here's an oldie but a goodie, courtesy of our friend, Mr. Buffett. . .

"Drink it up,
This one's for you -
It's been a lovely cruise. . ."

Ah yes, forgive me if I sound a little punch drunk. I arrived at a moment where it occurred to me that I could find my way from the ICU to the cafeteria without even realizing I'd made the trip. Familiarity of that nature is not always unpleasant, but a little weird all the same.

Thank goodness for the hated cell phone - I've been able to maintain contact throughout the day with my family. I apparently owe the five year old a large bag of airheads since she's been so good. . . a small price to pay. And my older girl is gonna get a big T-shirt that says "TCB!" (Takin' Care of Bidness - oh, geeze, I've been in Texas too long!)

Mr. 13 has been handling his schoolwork and walked his sister home from school. I asked him yesterday how his Daddy had been handling the whole Mr. Mom thing.

"Well, Mom, he's. . . what's the word I'm looking for here. . . positively feminine!"

Well, that's great, because to be honest with you, I feel like I have had to grow a tiny set of a certain male apparatus to get through this. Frankly, they are a little uncomfortable, but I am getting used to them.

And I go sailing along, watching for the harbor lights that will indicate we are going to make it home after all. . . man, I miss Pensacola like nobody's business!

Take a look around this morning while you're running the kids or on your way to work - and soak in the beauty of our small, salty town for me. "There's wind in our hair, and water in our shoes. . . Honey, it's been a lovely cruise. . . "

Have fun!

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