"I've got too much
Time on my hands
And its tickin' away with my sanity. . ." - Styx

Today was the day. She stepped out of the car and I quickly lost her in the sea of the overly-coiffed and sloppily dressed and that was it. No fanfare, no tears, no hollering after her as she walked away, "You look soooooo grown up!" Welcome back to high school. Buh-bye.

Next, I delivered my sidekick, my buddy, my velcro-child to the welcoming environs of her Kindergarten class. She hugged her big bubby one last time. He accompanied us in a symbolic passing of the Kindergarten teacher. It's been eight years, but she has seen us before!

He held her hand as she walked in the door, then gave her a little squeeze. She let go and marched bravely to her seat. Then I bravely turned my back on her and walked away. (And turned around and signed the "ILY" and blew kisses about a dozen times. Big brother then bravely gave me a firm push in the other direction.)

I returned to the house and the Virtual Schooler went right to work. He has found a need for snacking now that he has completed a few science lessons on his own. Despite repeated cajoling, he has no use for my help, either.

So now what do I do? I'm almost to the end of the blog here. . . the house could use a little touch-up, I guess, and there's always laundry.

I read that a couple of scientists have discovered a way around the speed of light, which opens the possiblility of actual time travel. . . what a concept! See the article at: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/main.jhtml?xml=/earth/2007/08/16/scispeed116.xml

I could go back in time and teach them all to be cleaner. I reckon I'd leave the rest the same - fool with it too much and, well, you saw "Back to the Future. . ." (There's a DeLorean running around town with an "Outatime" tag - have you seen it??)

Yesterday, I was overwhelmed by the rapidity of the passage of time. Today, I feel as though I have too much time on my hands. Later, we'll be at warp speed again, Scotty.

So is it really possible to travel faster than the speed of light?? Ask any mom on her way to ballet/soccer/acting/swimming/football/cheerleading/baseball/etc. - it's not only possible, we do it all the time!

Have fun!

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