Skul is Four Dumees!

"And I'm never going back
To my old school. . ." - Steely Dan

Well, the good news is that today was "such a better day!" than yesterday in the world of high school. The schedule is straightened out, resulting in another year with a great math teacher and the ROTC class she wanted. Halleluja!

The homeschooler is plodding along nicely. And I just discovered why my bedroom phone extension didn't work for his Math welcome call - someone has unplugged it. Nice.

(I shouldn't assume the worst of my children, that someone is receiving/has received some late-night phone calls. . .okay, I don't need to assume anything, that's EXACTLY what happened. . .)

The bad news is that the kindergartener is never going back. Yesterday was fine because she was able to play instruments. She thought that school was going to be really cool, but today all they did was "work work work." She was so tired that she came home and promptly went to sleep.

I think I'll go see if there's any room next to her. . .just as soon as I finish the laundry, sign the multitude of redundant administrative school forms, clean the bathtub and start dinner. . . maybe I should have stayed in school!!!

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