Spaghetti and Corn

"Woke up in the morning.
Put on my new plastic glove.
Served some re-heated salsbury steak
With a little slice of love." - Adam Sandler, "Lunch Lady Land"

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My five year old has unwittingly entered a brave new world. Today, she is a lunch-liner.

No ham sandwich with pickles and tomatoes. . .no sir, not today. We're going full-scale starch overload on today's menu: Spaghetti, corn and one of those often imitated but rarely duplicated lunch-room rolls. Yum, yum! That should help keep up her stamina for all that work they're making her do.

And a nice story about my fifteen year-old (excuse me while I pause for a moment of silence. . .) She was in line behind a group of rude and obnoxious kids in the new "Food-Court-esque" lunchroom. When she approached the lunch ladies, she thanked them for their hard work. She said they just stood and looked at her for a minute, then one of them smiled and thanked her.

My daughter does stuff like that often - she's a little ray of sunshine in the lives of everyone she encounters. I need to remember that next time she's feeling partly cloudy around me.

I'm excited to begin Virtual Math today with Mr. 13. The teacher tells us that all of the math lessons will be connected to music. My son loves music - math, not so much.

I often find musical "backup" for his lessons. He studied Egypt, I located Steve Martin doing "King Tut." And of course, we got down to "Egypt, Egypt" (Remember Egyptian Lover???) Science netted Thomas Dolby ("She Blinded Me With Science.") "Don't Worry, Be Happy" spans the courseload appropriately. And, in honor of my daughter's lesson in kindness, we watched "Lunch Lady Land." I'm still walking around singing, "Sloppy Joe, Sloppy, Sloppy Joe!" like I have a mouthful of pebbles!

"Hoagies and grinders, hoagies and grinders
Navy beans
Navy beans
Navy beans. . ."

Yep, that should be rattling around in my head for the remainder of the day, along with the image of my children bursting into song in a private concert for the unsung heroes of our educational system, the Lunch Ladies. . .

"Corn and spaghetti, corn and spaghetti
Buttery rolls
Buttery rolls
Buttery rolls. . ."

What have I done????

Have fun!


ksummerlin said...

I cannot believe J. has started kindergarten and V. is in high school! I can remember when V. wasn't much older than J. is now when we first met you guys.

Waddling around the football field and doing the football/cheerleading mom thing!

Lara said...

Uhhhhn! I was so glad when his young teenness showed no interest in Football (or cheerleading for that matter) as his older siblings did.

Little Bit has done ballet and baseball so far, so we'll see where she goes.

K's into acting, so we can watch his performances in the A/C . . .

I remember one game in Navarre in the 40 Degree rain where I sat waiting for #37 to play the last twenty seconds. I've done my time.

I know you love working with the kids - so have fun (at least you'll be out-standing in your field!!!)