The Theory of Relativity

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” - George Bernard Shaw

What a weekend! I am so tired, and filled with mixed emotions - relief that we pulled the event off (and that my kids didn't offend anyone. . . much), sadness that it couldn't have lasted longer, and comforted because I feel very much loved by a group of fantastic people.

I believe we had a total of eleven teens this weekend - I think my cousins could write a book on raising good kids. (And one of the older "kids" in particular left an indelible impression on my entire family!) Of course, they had great role-models in their parents and grandparents.

It was wonderful to connect as adults with people I looked up to as a child. I'm just so proud to be related to them. And I hope that maybe some of it rubbed off on me!!!

As we wind down our summer and prepare to return to school, I think we all have a renewed sense of purpose. There is nothing I could have purchased for or provided to my children any better than this weekend has been for them. When it comes to making sure that they have what they need, I suppose the answer is all relative.

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