"Beware of Crazy Mother"

"Sign, sign, everywhere a sign -
Blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind.
Do this. Don't do that. Can't you read the signs??" - Five Man Electrical Band

"Here's your sign." - Bill Engvall

My smacky-alecky teens have picked up a new catch-phrase: "Well, thank you, Captain Obvious."

It usually completely defuses any advice or affirmations that I "told them so."

"Captain Obvious." Sounds like some sort of super-hero. I have an image in my mind: a "perky" costume (a' la' Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman), some bad-girl high-heeled boots, and my cape stuck firmly in the back of my tights. . .

My kids may think I am a super hero, but sometimes I feel more like "Captain Oblivious," flitting along through the days telling myself that I'll get around to this or fix that tomorrow (after all, it IS another day. . . ) Sometimes I just want a little peace so badly that I will try and convince myself that everything is okay, even when the signs are all there.

The gnawing emotions of the last few days finally escalated into a free-for-all. And while I didn't see it coming, somehow age or wisdom or sheer mental fatigue came to my assistance and I handled it by talking to my teen like a person. I asked questions and listened. And when I offered advice, it wasn't a moral lashing, but a call for examination of the reasons behind the choices. And it actually all made sense. . .to all of us!!

Like the song says, "I am no Superman." Or Supermom. Although I think that my kids tend to cast me in that light, the aging superhero, thinking that I have all of the answers (to the questions of twenty years ago!) Faster than a microwave oven, more powerful than the Principal, able to pay my bills with a single call. . . look, hiding there in the closet! It's a chauffer, it's the maid, it's. . .MOOOOOOOOM!

All I can say is that I sure hope all of this effort pays off. When they're all supporting me in my old age in the lifestyle to which I would like to become accustomed, I will look back and say, "See. I was RIGHT!"

No need to thank me. . .just doing my job as "CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!"

Do you think maybe I'm crazy?? (Here's your sign. . .)

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