Burnin' for the Blues

Yesterday's Gulf was a quintessential Aqua. It's vibrancy was enhanced by the sunlight reflecting off of the white sand below making golden waves. Some days I almost have to pinch myself! Can you believe we live in a place that is so beautiful??

As the water lapped softly against the side of the boat, all eyes were cast upward. Hats, sunglasses and hand-visors blocked the intense sunlight that hindered our ability to scan the blue for the Blues. (Yes, Mom, we were all wearing sunscreen, too.)

A tinny fizz eminated from the AM simulcast station as we sat waiting, burning, anticipating. . .


From out of nowhere, so fast it was almost a blur, ZzzzzzzzzzzzzWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNN! the appropriately-named Hornet rattled our sternums and excited our souls.

As fans of fuel and fire, we've attended air shows regularly for twenty years. But something about this beach show is special. Whether you view it from the water or the beach (we've done both!), there's nothing else like it.

Maybe it's the juxtaposition of the hard-rocking jets against the peaceful beauty of the water. Perhaps it's the pride of seeing our hometown heroes in their ultimate element. Whatever it is, I still have goose bumps!

I hope those associated with this show know how much we receive from their efforts. Living in Pensacola is pretty nice. I won't call the Blue Angels the icing on the cake - they're more like the fire on baked Alaska!

Ooooooh, yeah-heh!

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