The Things I Do For Coffee

"I miss Mayberry. . . " - Rascal Flatts

Every morning in my bedroom, a distrubing scene plays itself out.

"Here's your coffee, Woman. Wake up and spend some time with me."

"Uhhhhhh, did you just call me 'Woman?'" It's hard to be too mad at a person who just wants to be with you. Besides, he plied me with coffee.

Our morning routine continues with the show "JAG" on USA. We usually wind up giggling sheepishly as the credits roll.

"This is so corny! Why do we watch this?"

"I like it. There's no bad language, no sex scenes, it's just a good story. You can tell the good guys from the bad guys."

I understand what he means. There are so many "cutting-edge" shows on t.v. and songs on the radio. It seems like modern media has to outdo itself to shock us into paying attention.

Sometimes I feel like I need to lighten up, and sometimes I feel like I am giving in. I miss Mayberry.

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