Trash Talk

The kids faces reflected horror -
Was I about to crash?
No, I was just slowing down
To check out the neighbor's trash!

My garage is clean today. I can see the floor, I can open the deep-freeze, I can retrieve last year's taxes and we found the king rigs (that's fishing lingo, buddy!)

Now, there's not room enough to actually park a vehicle in there. But it is reasonably organized and navigable. And this morning I am savoring the temporary respite from the usual Indiana Jones-esque decor.

I was chided into making some tough choices. I had several "trash pile rescues" that wound up back in the trash pile. My intentions are always noble, but not always forthcoming in practice. I just hate to see something usable go to waste. My family doesn't understand me (sniff!)

The best news is that now there's room to put more stuff. And, it's MONDAY, trash day. Hey Kids, let's go for a ride. . .

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