Are We Having Fun, Yet?

"This is how you remind me of what I really am." - Nickleback

One day I was a teenager, struggling for a way to tap into the promise of freedom that accompanied the world of adulthood. I had all the answers and I was ready to take on the questions! I danced all night to popular music, slept until noon, lived on Pizza and coke without gaining weight and accepted money from my parents without shame.

Then, an accidental overdose of parenthood altered my way of life. A startling metamorphasis ocurred. . .

Suddenly, I had no idea what in the HELL I was doing! Popular music became too vulgar to play in the car, I was waking up all hours of the night to feed someone or check their breathing, the food in the pantry all ended in "O's" and did my parents actually LAUGH out loud???

As that which goes around has a way of coming around, I am listening to more country music lately because it sounds like my life, I sleep until I wake up (which is now automatically around 5:45), the kids can actually cook dinner for me and we're all "oh so healthy" - and my mom talks to me about her will. I have resigned myself to the concept that a wise woman knows she still has much to learn.

But my teenagers are driving me nuts! They have to have an OPINION about EVERYTHING. . . who do they think they are. . . PEOPLE?? They want to listen to their loud music and sleep all day. They are eating me out of house and home. Every time I turn around, one of them needs twenty dollars. . . they must think I am made of money!

"These five words in my head scream, 'Are we having fun yet?!'"

Yeah, yeah. . .

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