After Midnight

"It's close to midnight, and somethin' evil's lurking in the dark. . ."

- Michael Jackson

What is it about teenagers and their sleep schedules???

At ten o'clock Thursday night, I advised them all to go to sleep as our 5 AM fishing trip would arrive early. Sure as shootin', no one wanted to get up Friday morning.

So my husband, the five year old (she's a trooper-for a few more years, anyway) and I loaded up and headed out.

After spending the morning unwillingly feeding our bait to the crabs and a pesky porpoise my daughter named "Crystal," we returned home to get back to some of the perpetual business that required our attention. (Laundry.)

The teen wonders were just waking up and making plans for their friends to come over.

Several assorted chores and fifteen "but I have a FRIEND over!"s later, it was ten p.m. and time for bed.

"But I have a FRIEND over."

"Isn't your FRIEND tired?"


"Goodnight, dear."

The giggling commenced and lasted well beyond the midnight hour. Finally, around two, I summoned my daughter to my room and threatened her with a five a.m. wake-up call.

I'm not that mean. . . but maybe 8:30 would make an impression. . .I'll go stand at the foot of her bed and start giggling. As tired as I am, I just hope that I am able to stop!!!!

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