Teens Should Be Pampered

You may have noticed my philosophy that teenagers provide the fertilizer that helps us grow as parents. Interpret that as you will. . .

I can remember sitting around with my friends in high school and saying things like, "When I have kids, I'm going to let them make their own choices. I won't get mad when someone calls after nine and I won't interrogate them about who their friends are! I'm going to buy them a car when they're sixteen and let them stay out as late as they want to!"

(Hold on, I am still laughing...)

(One more sec...okay. . .)

You know, when they're little and pooping on themselves, it's easy to think that is the difficult part of parenting. The problem is, when they get bigger, you're still dealing with their crap, but the messes are harder to clean up!

Young parents, don't make the mistake in thinking that you will be done with your children when they are fourteen or sixteen or eighteen or (hey, mom, what's up?) thrity-nine!

Some days, I actually start to think, "Diapers weren't so bad." And I know what you baby mommies are thinking from your end, but it is way too late to send them back now!

Have fun!

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