The Politics of Dancing

"We're under the pressure -
Yes we're counting on you
That what you say
Is what you do.

It's in the papers,
It's on your t.v. news.
The application,
It's just a point of view.

Well you know you can't stop it
When they start to play.
You gotta get out the way.

The politics of dancing
The politics of ooo feeling good
The politics of moving
Is this message understood?" - Re-Flex

You know you can't help shakin your booty to that golden oldie. A blast from a past when I thought I knew it all. And wore eye-liner.

The truth is that it has taken me many years to get to the point where I think I sort of begin to grasp the cusp of comprehending the outset of the basest workings of government.


Using my limited powers of perception, I've noted that the debate over property taxes gives me a headache. Yes, lower taxes would mean a lower monthly mortgage payment, therefore, a little extra - couldn't hurt, right? But how can I be sure it is not some awful propagandized spin?

The first outcry is that local governments would suffer. They'd have to make cuts. I have a feeling that any cut in money could be recouped in cutting waste. That would be nice whether the tax cut goes through or not.

I've heard rumblings of the concept of combining city and county government. This would eliminate the need for duplicate offices, duplicate positions and constant confusion as to who to call about the traffic lights at the Langley/Tippin/9th Aveunue Triangle of Doom.

Then comes the threat of pulling funding from education. From my perspective, the FLDOE wastes a good bit of education money keeping the FCAT afloat. From the rainforest worth of paper they use for prep materials to the lame informational CD's they send home explaining themselves to the money they spend cleaning up mistakes and errors every year, I'd reckon there'd be some left over if they'd scrap the notion that education is a one-size-fits-all commodity.

We slip into this comfort mentality that we'll just go along with whatever "THEY" decide. We may gripe about it later, but what difference would it have made anyway?

Is it too Pollyanna to think that I, Jane Q. Citizen, might have any input? Or further, that I even have the knowledge to make an informed decision?

And what kind of example am I setting for my children? Isn't that one ALWAYS just floating over our heads?

Whee, my head is spinning. . . back to dancing for now.

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