I'm a Little Bit Country

"I have days where I hate my job,
This little town and the whole world too.
Last Sunday when the Bengals lost
Lord, it put me in a bad mood.

I have moments when I curse the rain
Then complain when the sun's too hot.
I look around at what everyone has
And I forget about all I've got.

But I know I'm a lucky man -
God's given me a pretty fair hand.
Got a house and a piece of land,
A few dollars in a coffee can.
My old trucks still running good.
My ticker's ticking like they say it should.
I got supper in the oven, a good woman's loving
And one more day to be my little kid's dad
Lord, knows I'm a lucky man."

- Montgomery Gentry

In honor of Father's Day, I thought I'd start with my husband's favorite song, just to put me in the mood.

It's funny, I used to think I was going to marry Donny Osmond (boy, am I glad THAT didn't work out!) I was born too late for Sean Cassidy. I turned the focus of my affections to the lead singer of Loverboy, but I had to turn him loose. Later, my idea of Prince Charming was Adam Ant. I never dreamed that my soul-mate would be the guy who needs me to check him for ticks!

What is it about them country boys?

Maybe its the way he goes in with whoever needs stiches while I handle names, dates, allergies and insurance cards.

Or the times he worked extra jobs to pay for tae-kwon-do or cheerleading (or a variety of other "passions" that fell by the wayside.)

Perhaps the finesse with which he runs the vaccuum (that is SO sexy!)

He also plays straight man to all my jokes: Thanks to him, I know that Phil Mickelson hit so many bogeys at the US Open, they're calling him "Schweetheart."
And I know that "chum" is fish in a blender. I say, Ol' Chum!

Speaking of chummy, we're spending the weekend honoring him for all of his hard work and sacrifice. We'll be fishing and watching NASCAR, waiting on him hand and foot. He knows he's a lucky man, but we're all sure awfully lucky to have him, too.

(*And a big shout-out to the kids who got up at FIVE AM on a SUMMER SATURDAY to go fishing with Dad. You guys rock!)

Happy Father's Day! Have fun!

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