A Blondie Moment

"Once I had a love and it was a gas,
Soon turned out had a heart of glass." - Blondie

I always look at the glass as half-full. Especially if it is a half-full glass of Sunny Delight sitting on my kitchen table.

It doesn't matter what size beverage container you give your child, they will only drink half of its contents. What mother hasn't shaken her head in disgust over a half-full coke can? A half-full juice box?

(I wonder. . . would I get a half-full thimble? I'll have to try that one out.)

First, the half-full glass hurts my feelings: "What, the beverage I spent a little extra on just because you like it so isn't good enough!?"

Then, my heart beats faster as I do the math: "That's SEVENTEEN CENTS' WORTH of squeezie. . . SEVENTEEN CENTS!"

Finally, the engine is running full-steam and something's about to break like my BROKEN HEART of glass.

I don't know what it is about a half-full glass that makes me want to send it smashing into the brick fireplace(. . . but then I'd have to clean it up. Unless the dog likes it. . . noooo, the broken glass. . . never mind.)

That's it, water from here on out. That's what we had to drink as kids (and we had to hike five miles uphill both ways to get it, baby!) Of course, theirs is filtered and chilled and served over ice, but I'm sure they'll survive.

And if I serve it in plastic cups, the dog can help me clean it up should I get that flinging feeling.

Sometimes seeing the glass as half-full it the only way to look at it.

Have fun!

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