This is why I'm HOT!

"This is why I'm hot, This is why I'm hot
This is why, This is why uh
This is why I'm hot (uh)
This is why I'm hot, This is why I'm hot whoo
This is why, This is why
This is why I'm hot

I'm hot coz I'm fly (fly)
You ain't coz you're not (mims)
This is why, This is why
This is why I'm hot. . ." - MIMS

I love music. Sometimes, I pretend that I am stuck in some screwy musical and just burst into song. My kids hate that. Every now and then they'll join in, though. (Okay, we're all a bunch of weirdos, but you, and You and YOU, you're gonna love meeeeeeeeee!)

I've had a difficult time snuggling up to rap, but find it hard to resist shakin' it like a polaroid picture or gettin' it percolatin'. I have also found that my daughter will abruptly turn the stereo off if I start dancing to some of the more "off the chain" stuff - especially when we're in the school parking lot.

I was originally thinking that I was okay with the message, "This is why I'm hot." Nothing wrong with recognizing and celebrating your attributes. I'm afraid the ditty loses me, though, at "You ain't coz you're not!" because I've always taught my kids that we don't make ourselves look better by putting others down. (The message goes on to celebrate materialism and self-promotion, injects racially provocative adjectives, sexual slurs and a possible reference to carrying concealed weapons - not my idea of the background I want for my musical, thanks.)

I don't have to like what my kids listen to - but I try to at least listen before I make up my mind. Every now and again they'll call me out for listening to "old lady" music (anything from the eighties), but they enjoy a variety of genres from pop to classic rock to modern rock, blues and country, jazz and reggae, classical and yes, rap.

They're going to want to listen to what their friends are enjoying. So I let them choose the station when they get into the car. The eye rolling usually ensues when I give my critique of the song - but I hope that I am opening their eyes to look beyond the tune to the message. What music would you choose as the soundtrack of your life?

Believe it or not, they appreciate the fact that I recognize and respect their different tastes, even if I don't agree with them. As I muddle through motherhood, some days I just have to give myself a little pep talk:

"You'll be swell, you'll be great! Gonna have the whole world on a plate. . . "

Have fun!

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