Move Along, There's Nothing to See Here

"When all you gotta keep is strong,
Move along, move along. . ." - All American Rejects

The Edge (of 17) gave us hasty smooches before bob-bob-bobbing out the door to work. "Loveyoubye!"

"When did that happen?" Hubbalicious asked.

I knew what he meant as I watched the young woman snatch up her car keys and swing her new hairdo. I've been asking myself that question a lot lately.

"Yep, they're heading up and soon they'll be moving out. . .Rawhide!" I walked over and sat next to him looking for consolation and he gave a gratuitous chuckle. Think what you like, but the true secret to a happy marriage is laughing at each other's jokes, even the stupid ones.

Between Black Jack (21) and his impending generational elevation, the Edge saving her money so that she can move out as soon as she graduates. . . even the heretofore nonchalant Halfway Between (10 & 20) is making plans for his "Sweet 16!" It is beginning to sink in that this "Hey MOM!" gig is a temporary thing.

"Hey MOM!" Halfway called on cue.

"We're out back, baby!"

"I'm heading out. . ." he announced, sticking his head out the door and blowing a few random kisses.

The Hubster put his arm around me and gave me a little squeeze, prompting Halfway to make a face and mutter, "EWWWWW! 'Old People Cuddling!' I'm outta here!"

You know, there are some we will miss less than others. . .

Have fun!

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MOMSWEB said...

"It is beginning to sink in that this "Hey MOM!" gig is a temporary thing."

With all hopes that we don't have adult children living at home. Hubby is ALREADY telling the boys they're out at eighteen.