I Speak Teen

"So, Mom. . ." the Edge (of 17) began telling me about her friend's crisis.

"He's talking to his girlfriend on Skype, then he says he'll call her back in a few minutes. Somehow, she left her video on and he sees her scratching at her wrists. . ."

I raised my eyebrows.

"That's what IIIII was thinking, too!" she said.

Her powers of clairvoyance are simply amazing. . .

She took a breath, then continued, "I just don't know whether she's playing a game with him or if she really has a problem. If he tells her parents, then they may go crazy or something. . ."

"Well. . ." I began.

"I know, I know. But if there IS a problem, they probably need to get her some help. He really likes her a lot, and it's really bothering him. I told him he should probably just talk to you, you're the one with the good answers! Thanks, Mom. I love you."

And then she kissed me and went back into her room.

I'm just glad I could be of help. . .

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