Happy Anniversary, Baby!

"A good marriage is my reward for not having committed murder in the early years." - me

Yesterday we quietly celebrated our anniversary.

It feels like we've always been "us" - I can't imagine my life without him. I reckon he feels that same way. . .after all, he has a fishin' buddy that he can not only smooch on, but who will fix his dinner and wash his socks! Does it get any better?

Of course, I hold my parent's marriage up as an example - my Mom and stepDad were married for 27 1/2 years when he died. They disagreed (often!), but never fought. There was never "his" or "hers" - we were all "theirs." And there was never any question as to where the affection belonged. . .through cancer, through kids (and grandkids), through illness and even death. They are the love of each other's lives.

What a wonderful gift they've given to us. . .to know that real love is not only a possibility, but can become a reality with a little work and a lot of knowing when to just smile and nod!!!

Another lesson I learned from my parents is that EVERY day is a cause for celebration, not just the "special occasions." Although, it was nice to get all dolled up and share a quiet dinner.

Hmmmm. . . maybe tonight I'll throw on a little lipstick with my pot roast, just for giggles.

Celebrate today. . .and have fun!

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