Monday Morning Mom Meltdown

"This is our last dance -
This is ourselves
Under pressure. . ." _ Queen

I am still recovering from a night of dancing and a four a.m. bedtime followed by an eight a.m. wakeup call (pop my tarts, Mommy!)

Sensing that my guard is down, the teen pounces. . .

"You have no idea of the pressure I am under!"

I believe I will have T-shirts made for the whole family.

You know, the truth is that I DO have some idea. . .I was a teenager myself, once. Only I had to walk five miles through the snow to do everything I ever did from the time I could crawl, so don't tell ME about pressure.

The fact is that I just don't care about pressure as it pertains to this topic. We're all under pressure, okay? So get yourself together and take care of business!

Oh, no, not the tears. . .I think we're both too emotional to talk right now. Let's save this discussion for later, shall we?

Maybe I am too harsh. . .I should never have asked such a tortured soul to make her bed. What was I thinking?

I'm Lara, the Teen Talk Mom, covering the big issues and important topics facing today's teens. . .

Have fun!

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