Will I Survive This First Date?

My family history is full of funny stories. A standard is the one about my aunt being so excited about a date - and my Grandfather hollering at her, "Susan! Your date is here. . .and his feet aren't THAT big!"

I believe I have talked my husband out of cleaning any weaponry this evening. The animal carcass that serves as our Christmas lawn ornamentation should be unnerving enough.

I've wondered at the prospect of following them in the Mombus, as it is relatively nodescript. Except for the signs on the doors that say "MC KNIGHT."

While I feel a little tingle of nervous excitement for her, I also hate the idea that my little girl is leaving the house with a dude and a car. As much as I am loath to admit it, things ARE different with boys and girls. I take comfort in the fact that I have seen her go mad-cat on both of her brothers and know that she can hold her own.

Okay, deep breath, be cool. . .you can do this. . .but, just in case: "Hey, Pal, where IS your thirty-ought-six???"

Have fun!


19 said...

She's too young to date! Dang-it Mom! Who is it? I'll find out. I always do! Hope to see you at the Santa runs tomorrow. Love - 19

Lara said...

We'll do our best to get out that way. . .your Sis has to work.

And, by the way, her date seemed like a very nice young man. . .